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Trevor Hogan

Trevor Hogan

Director of Strategy and Risk at Entisys 360
Julia and I have been working together for about two years now, and I can easily say that I would not be as successful as I am here in Kazakhstan without her. Julia is a rare find. As an expat and non-russian speaker, I found it very difficult to navigate through the myriad of official red tape, registrations, visas, notary stamps and ribbons, translations, etc… Julia and her team has taken the unknown out of all of this and has been able to get to “Yes” when everyone else said “NO”. My organization, PwC, has hired her and her team to assist all of our incoming expats, short and long term. Her team has done an excellent job helping us manage logistics, medical, housing and general comfort for our people and their families, which is critical for retaining expats. So I want to say “Thank You!” to her and her team for making our lives easier and our time here in Kazakhstan more enjoyable.
Michael P.

Michael P.

Manager at an International oil company

Subscribing to STAR Concierge service has been one of the determining factors of my productivity and enjoyment of living in Astana, Kazakhstan. As someone who doesn’t speak the language, Julia’s services from simple “on-the-call” translation when I encounter various service providers, recommendation and reservations in good restaurants, to finding and procuring various items have been invaluable. 

Knowing that she is genuinely always on stand by provide a lot of comfort that “there’s always someone to call” – and indeed on multiple occasions her help during emergencies have proven to be effective. More importantly, her service-oriented attitude comes from a warm heart of care to her customers and authenticity to make expatriates enjoy their stay in Kazakhstan – and these, money can’t buy. 

I have lived in foreign countries before, but never have I experienced a concierge service as professional as Julia’s. I certainly would recommend her without any reservation.

Doug S.

Doug S.


I have been using STAR Concierge services since 2019 after I arrive as an expat in Astana, and I have been very happy and satisfied with the variety of services offered. I continue to use STAR Concierge even after I moved to another city in Kazakhstan in 2022 as it offers a more stress-free way to organize my life in Kazakhstan.

I am impressed with the fast response to my queries and especially on the quality of care and attention given to the services that I use. Even when the service was not offered on the menu, STAR Concierge will help to find a solution for me. I highly recommend STAR Concierge to anyone who wants a trustworthy and reliable agent to assist in settling in Kazakhstan and take the stress out in organizing your activities during your entire stay in Kazakhstan.

Julien Hartley

Julien Hartley

Taking at least a year out
Julia's assistance to me on my frequent visits to Astana was invaluable. She is a good at organising the things that a non-native language speaking expat can find hard to do, like cars/taxis, bespoke sightseeing tours, (reasonably priced) laundry, and the like. She also organised for a group of us to go skiing in Almaty for a weekend, making sure that transportation worked at both ends of the trip and sorting our problems when they arose. In over a year of using her services, I found Julia to be completely reliable and flexible. Thanks
Junard Aragones, PMP

Junard Aragones, PMP

Procurement & Contracts ProfessionalProcurement & Contracts Professional
"I am privileged to have worked with Julia in a very professional way and result-oriented assistance provided to me and family being an Expat here in Kazakhstan in terms of concierge, translations, visa process and other in-country travel and booking arrangements. She is well rounded in the area of her expertise and highly recommended her for such."

Ben Hamilton

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