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Corporate Concierge

Here at STAR Concierge we understand that sometimes companies require extra support for specific projects or ongoing needs, without the need for hiring an additional employee. A cost effective solution is to outsource corporate concierges who can perform many of the same services as office-based employees but without the associated costs such as payroll tax, worker’s compensation, sick and other leave, or training, office space, telephone, etc.

If a company requires fully integrated

If a company requires fully integrated effective administrative and logistics solutions, STAR Concierge team is available 24/7 to complete non-core business tasks and support administrative personnel.

If your company is looking for trust-worthy

If your company is looking for trust-worthy solutions to make the life of your international experts easy and comfortable while in Astana and to support your administrative staff in dealing with day-to-day tasks we are happy to help!

Let us know what your goals are and we will offer a customized corporate concierge program for your company delivering Concierge Services to your entire staff or to a specific group. STAR Concierge will make it happen, either by performing the service directly or quickly and efficiently sourcing the best resource for the job from our partner network.

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