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    Dog sitting / walking & pet feeding, Referrals to vets, groomers,
    dog daycare, Pet shipment procedures/papers
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    Arranging nannies, cleaners, Personal driver, private chef, Waiters, gardeners
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Support services for international companies, individual expats and their families in Dubai and Astana

Welcome to STAR Concierge, a company built to serve the growing demand for quality concierge services.

STAR Concierge give effective solutions for both corporate and individual clients. We take care of the non-core business and personal tasks and deliver 24-hour one-call problem solving and time-saving concierge services carefully designed to match both corporate and individual needs. All solutions are just one phone call away.

Our Concierge Services for both corporate and individual clients are combined into Packages with a monthly membership giving time to enjoy life.

Julia Solomina
Managing director, Star Concierge Dubai & Astana
For companies STAR Concierge

For companies STAR Concierge deliver a wide range of concierge services allowing to recognize employee’s performance, retain the best people in the industry, increase productivity of international staff. Based on specific requirements from your company we will offer a customized corporate concierge package.

For individual clients STAR Concierge

For individual clients STAR Concierge manage personal requirements to guide you with your peace of mind through daily challenges and tasks, providing concierge services tailored to suit individual needs of expats living and working in Dubai or Astana.

Our Clients

We assist companies, executives, entrepreneurs and busy individuals visiting or working in Dubai or Astana to help them make the best out of their business and personal life here.

We also help businesses and individuals who would like to do business in Dubai or Astana and are not native to the local culture and business environment. Our goal is to be a guiding STAR and help them navigate unique business and cultural peculiarities of UAE and Kazakhstan to ensure their business ventures are successful and enjoyable.

What makes us awesome:
A solid combination of:
  • 20 years of personal experience working with expats, understanding their mentality, needs and concerns
  • 8 years of concierge business
  • one stop shop for all requests ( no need to look around for cleaning or nannies company, real estate, vet, etc.)
  • network of reliable service providers, our partners, with special rates and best deals for our clients
  • 24/7 support
  • solution focused approach of handling requests from our clients

STAR Concierge in figures

Over 8 years of concierge services
Over 1000 happy clients & their families
Over 30000 requests
Over 60000 concierge hours
Personal Assistant vs Personal Concierge
Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

  • One person
  • Restricted working hours
  • Does what you tell them
Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge

  • Behind your personal concierge there’s an entire team with skills, contacts and expertise
  • Available 24/7
  • Does what’s best for you

We’d love to work with you!
To check the prices and see if we’re the right match please

Our clients
Dubai: +971551689455
Astana: +7 701 913 0834

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